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Kourtney Kash

Kourtney Kash

Age: 30

Height: 5'3"

Measurements: 34B x 27 x 36

Favorite Position: Doggy

Likes: Anything Nerdy, Star Wars, Video Games, Harry Potter, Nerd Stuff

Kourtney Kash

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Released: March 14, 2021
Runtime: 01:05:11 | 83 Photos


Thanks buddy for lending us your fiancé for the day. We’re sending this honey home with hand spank marks all over your ass to show him what a bad girl you’ve been. Yes today’s hot MILF is sex starved Kourtney Kash who, if you can believe it or not, has not had dick in 10 years!!! But how can this be Steve? She’s engaged you proclaim! Well all that’s true we find out after Jay picks up our little newbie and starts probing her with questions we all want to know answers to. But there’s a little twist, as there always seems to be with hotties having sex on camera for the first time. Kourtney’s fiancé has been locked up for the past 10 years and this horny girl is more than happy to reference that she hopes he likes watching her suck another guy's cock more than a few times throughout the day. Hot if you’re into the cuck thing. So why has she waited 10 years to suck or fuck some other guy's cock you ask? If her fiancé is down for this why wait 10 fucking years to do it? Your guess is as good as mine why Jay didn’t think to ask, nor I this question once back at the condo. Sometimes you're lucky to just get the standard questions asked when the girl arrives ready to fuck. The deal’s already closed right, so we really don’t have to talk or woo her that much at all. Hell we don’t really need to ask ANY questions to get the girl’s clothes off and get straight to our dicks in their mouths. Just a simple “hi there”, and “take your clothes cloths off” is sufficient probably and most girls are willing, horny, and more than happy to get straight to the business at hand. Just remember how the male species is wired. When a guy’s dick is hard and most of the blood has drained already from his “THINKING” head to his “FUCK” head, sometimes you’re just not on top of your game. But if you want to hear Kourtney talk about her interests or what she likes sexually then by all means watch the car intro. But if you’re the type to fast forward to the good parts there are lots of outdoor shenanigans that take place with the magic wand for some hot as fuck public masturbation. Things are just more exciting and feel better when people are around and watching. She also gives a great BJ and handjob in the car as shoppers walk by on their way to the mall. Kinky! But the real hot shit takes place in the condo where Kourtney plays with that pretty shaved pussy of hers and fucks Jay silly to drain those balls of his. She also licks Jay’s asshole, which is a first by the way for her ever. Love that. And this little “not so home made” video made with overwhelming desire to please her true love all ends with a glorious creampie that she can reminisce about until her fiancé gets out of the clink. Sorta brings a tear to my eye when I think about true love. Anyways, enjoy engaged Kourtney and thanks buddy for lending us her holes. Jay most certainly did.
Cheers! Steve